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Electrical Renovations Since 1969 All Over Quebec

Queco Electric Ltd. team understands the importance of working within existing conditions and ensures that any electrical renovation project is completed without disrupting customer operations. Our flexibility in working hours and scheduling ensures that your projects are completed without any problems or extended delays.

Electrical Work of All Kinds

From the installation to the update and the complete repair of your electrical systems, Queco Electric Ltd. offers you a wide range of electrical services.


Our commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, food, and agricultural solutions also include all kinds of electrical work. What drives Queco Electric Ltd. passionately is the desire to offer its customers a workforce of exceptional quality, fast, and efficient, at the best possible price in the industry. Our team brings technical expertise and innovative solutions that are ready to meet any challenge.

Since 1969

Our experienced team offers complete solutions with a personalized approach.

Queco Electric Ltd.
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